Well from the amount of orders that I have from the past weekend it looks like a lot of you took advantage of our Christmas in July event!! Thank you Thank  You Thank you!  We are already working on some of the orders, please be a little patient with me on the orders. Judy is out of town on a well earned vacation in Alaska and won’t be back until next week, and I have to do somethings for the Blocks of the Month for her.

On another positive note, the Bridal Shower went smoothly, we thought for certain it was going to rain, as storms popping up every where around us….but we didn’t get any! Which was spectacular as we had an outside Bridal Shower. My mom had her yard groomed beautifually, beautiful flowers every where! Hope everyone had a wonderful week like I did! jlh

My beautiful future sister-in-law is the one in the white dress of course, and i am in the long striped skirt.