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Jacqueline’s Album Threads

Below is a list of Valdani #12 threads for those of you who are doing the Jacqueline’s Album BOM, these are only for the first 2 blocks.  Every month Joanne is going to give me a list of threads for the next months blocks, please check here so that you are able to order your threads accordingly.  Please call or shoot us an email and ask us to put these threads in your BOM if you would like any or all of them.  That way you will never be behind due to waiting on threads.  Thank you jlh

Block #1:  Carmel Gold 0154,  Saltbox Red 078,  Sage Green 0575,  Mudpuddle Green H209,  Stonewash Blue 8111,  Moss Dark Green 0540,  Green Tea Green 0519,  Black 1

Block #2: Honeycomb Gold 853

One thought on “Jacqueline’s Album Threads

  1. It would be fun to see the construction as it happens in pictures, not allof us can come and see it in person

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