We are holding a Mystery Quilt Class on Tuesday March 27 from 5-9.  Lori and Debbie are going to be your wonderful teacher and pressers in this class, and if you have never taken a class by them you NEED to do so!  You will have so much fun with them, time with fly by and you will have a HOOT!  The quilt you will be making is queen sized, it is from a new designer, and has a new look.  Pick up your first 2 steps and fabrics from the Shop or use your own fabrics, do the first 2 steps at home and come ready to sew.  Debbie and Lori will do ALL THE PRESSING for you!!!  Sign up today the cost of the class is $40.00.


2 thoughts on “MYSTERY QUILT CLASS

    1. Are you looking for just the pattern or the kit and pattern? Our shipping prices are based on the weight of the package and where it is going, plus $2.00 for handling costs. Please contact us at the shop and we would be happy to help you. thank you jess 920-722-7233

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