Lamp Shade

BY POPULAR DEMAND…..We are holding another lamp shade class. Lori has set up another class for March 13th from 6-9pm.  The cost of the class is $40.00, you will be provided the lamp shade. We have kits and patterns to purchase here at the shop.  The pattern also includes a beautiful wool mat to put your lamp shade on!!!  Make sure you sign up today if you are interested in this class as the first session went FAST!  If you can not attend the class we have the kits and patterns available on our website.  jlh


9 thoughts on “LAMP SHADE CLASS

  1. That is so neat, I wish you were closer to my neck of the woods. Do you have an online class? I have several old stand lamps and some don’t have the best shade on them anymore, old and brittle. Also you could just sell the patterns for those of us that already have an ample wool stash, plus I’m in the wool of the month bunches. I could use them for this then.

    Thanks much,

    1. Yes, you can find the pattern online. The pattern is very well laid out and I am sure that you would be able to figure out how to make it work. IF you had any questions about it after getting the pattern you could always give us a call. And if you called on Tuesdays, you can talk with Lori, she is the designer of the class and would be able to help you. Thank you jessica

  2. Hi Lisa, Would love it if you could teach this class next year at Road To California! Thanks for your consideration

  3. This is the coolest pattern that I have seen that I could really use. I could use the pattern but I already have a good stash of wool from my Cincinnati trip last year at the International Quilt Show in the spring. Will you be there this year and would you have patterns available at this time? I would love to buy the kit or the pattern.

  4. Hi Lisa, I love this pattern.
    But where can I buy the shade, is it paper?
    I can’t find one on line.
    Thanks Gina

  5. Hi- I love the pattern and kit for the lampshade-I have purchased both, but where can you buy this size black lampshade?? I have looked everywhere for this size.
    Wish I could take this class, but I am in Massachusetts. Sigh…. Thanks for any advice on finding a shade.

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