Coupon Book


I know all of you have been biting your nails wondering who last years Coupon Book WINNERS are!!! Thank you to all of you who have participated in our Coupon Book program over the years, we could not have made it a success with out you.  Congratulations to all of those who won this year!





Please pick up your gift cards at the Shop!!



JODI HOLDEN  $200.00


Please contact Judy P. for your details 920-722-7233

2 thoughts on “COUPON BOOK WINNERS!!

  1. What is a coupon book? I am new to your emails but I have shopped on line several times. I’ve called the store for help and recieved it from women who were willing and very able and not the least bit put off when I called several times in one day. Thank you!
    My sister and her husband and I are flying from Missouri to Milwaukee, spending two days at Lake Geneva with the expressed purpose of coming to your store. My sister is crazy for your fabrics and I have sorta left the quilting trail for wool runners and pictures. I am SO excited. March 9th in the afternoon is when we will be there. Are there any specials we could look forward to that day? If you could direct me to the info on your coupon book on your website I would be happy to get it there. Kate Shelley.

    1. Kate, you are able to purchase our Coupon book for this year on our website. The Coupon Book is our way of saying thanks to all of our customers, it is given out for free during our Annual Christmas Open House the weekend after Thanksgiving with a purchase of $10 or more, but for those of you who are new and would like to get in on the savings it is available online for $10. thank you and cant wait to meet you in March. thank you jessica

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