Jacqueline’s Album Quilt BOM


Jacqueline's Album Quilt

Jacqueline’s Album is a NEW Block of the Month that will be starting up in April 2012.  The cost of the project will be $40.00 the first month (all 4 yards of background fabric this month plus wool) and $13.50/month for 15 months(wools).  The pattern is sold separately at $16.00. Joanne is doing this wonderful Block of the Month by Lori Smith, and she always does a wonderful job so make sure you get into this BOM!  The quilt will finish at 54″x54″ the inside blocks finish at 9 3/8″x9 3/8″, you will receive all the fabric and wool to complete this projects, that includes the absolutely gorgeous outer border.  We will be using one of Lisa’s “Little Gatherings” backgrounds for the project.  Here is a sneak peak at the first two blocks!!

Block #1
Block #2

15 thoughts on “Jacqueline’s Album Quilt BOM

    1. I am sorry but we only have the first 2 blocks completed and are usually only a couple blocks ahead. You would only be able to purchase a complete kit after the BOM has been completed, and that would be IF we have any kits left. As of right now the BOM is filling up fast. Thank you for your interest, jessica

  1. Joanne – your work is gorgeous. I need to come and take a class from you. I have problems when I get to a
    ‘peak’ area and the stitching rolls off the wool. I do a tack stitch but it doesn’t look like yours. Awesome work!

    1. Jeanne, I am not sure as to how you would like to double it in size. Do you have extra blocks that you would like to add or are you looking to blow up the blocks to make it bigger? Please let me know and we can try and help you. thank you jess

  2. I wasn’t going to start another BOM (until I finish some of my others!), but these blocks are so darn pretty!!!! I am afraid that I am weakening.

  3. OK, so you are tempting me again! Would you happen to have a listing of all the threads that are in the thread kit you are selling to go with this BOM? I have a lot of Valdani already (thanks to a few of your previous projects), and would only need to pick up the ones that I am still missing. Makes sense to do that all at once…

    1. I am sorry but we only have the first two set of blocks done. In Mid-March we will be posting the threads on the Blog so that you will be able to order the ones you need before you get the first block. thank you jess

  4. It’s a fabulous quilt, and your fine stitching makes it even more so. I have ordered it. Does one of your books describe various stitches that work well with wool? The Colonial Knot tutorial on your website is great. Norma

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