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Wool Gatherers Club

Wanted to give everyone a sneak peak into the wools that will be coming to those who are in the Wool Gatherers Club….we are going to be going with fall colors, chocolates, pumpkins, rusts and golds for this bundle.  Make sure that if you haven’t signed up for this club that you get in on it!  It is a great deal for the bundle which includes 8 different pieces of wool colors and textures.  Each piece of wool is approximately 7×9 and will be $15.00/month for 12 months.

20 thoughts on “Wool Gatherers Club

  1. The colors are beautiful!! Honestly, I wouldn’t know what to do with them unless I had a pattern to go along with them…hint hint

  2. Jessica, what is the name of the adorable little fall quilt shown behind the bundles of wool?
    I’ve been searching your website but having problems finding it.

  3. just was checking on the BOW flower penny garden finishing kits i ordered opt. 2 (90.00). and do you have any pics of yours ;)- just cant wait to see it Lori

  4. While visiting The Gathering and the shop this September I was so tempted to buy that pumpkin wool kit but the pieces are so small….still thinking about purchasing it…
    Do you sell the holder that the pumpkin wool miniature is hanging on?

    1. Yes, rosemary we sell the stands. They are awesome because we have so many projects that you can switch out in them for every season! It was great seeing you again, hope to see you soon. Jessica

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