Summer BOW-Flower Penny finishing…do you want a kit?

All of you are just biting your nails waiting to see how I finished this quilt….so here it is…I obviously have to stitch the inner border yet…but we want to let you know what it is going to look like so you can order your finishing kit or just finish it the way you want… The quilt will finish 81×96 the way I have it shown here.  It is a big quilt!  You can see all of the little purple flowers that will be added coming out of the cornerstone flowers…there are 10 different purple flowers and there are 10 spots, so no repeats…that worked our real nice…like i planned it all along…lol

We have tried to come up with a couple of options so you will be able to make this great quilt.  The wools are stacked to make all of these flowers so it uses a lot more wool than normal…so here is what we have come up with…and a little FYI if you were lucky enough to do it as a BOW you saved almost $100!

PLEASE ORDER YOUR FINISHING OPTION BY SEPTEMBER 8TH…and will ship out by the end of September…..THANKS!

Option 1  is the whole finishing kit as shown here…all the wools, muslin, and 52 sashing & border fabrics along with the binding and pattern….$165

Option 2 is only the wools and muslin and includes the binding and pattern…you would be on your own for the 52 fabrics….$90

Option 3 finishing pattern only…. $10

Your options for ordering are to call us at the shop 920-722-7233…order under NEW tab on our website, which will have the 3 options listed…
( please give Judi until this afternoon to get it on our site…I just called her an told her everything was ready),

If you are signed up for this Block of the Month starting in September it will be $30 for 13 months and include everything!

3 thoughts on “Summer BOW-Flower Penny finishing…do you want a kit?

  1. Hi Lisa! As always, I’m a year late, but I have finally finished my 2011 BOW that I ordered through you. I guess I got lost in the loop about the finishing kit options, since I’m just looking now to see how it ended up being finished. Is it too late to order the muslin, wools, and pattern for this quilt? I would not need the 52 fabrics (Lord knows I have enough in my stash to last both you and I a lifetime). Thanks for pondering. Suzanne

    1. Suzanne, please call the Shop and we would be more than happy to help you out and get you the remaining items that you need in order to finish your quilt. Thank you jlh 920-722-7233

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