Every week you will find the next set of the Summer Stars Block of the Week on here.  This one is a little early, but I thought all of you who signed up might like a sneak peak….they start going out June 1.  Of course you are able to mix and match the colors as you so choose, but if you would like to do them the way that Carole set hers, then take a peak on here and you will find all the pictures! I hope all of you have a wonderful time doing this new Block of the Week! It was such a great idea that I could not pass it up myself.  What have I gotten myself into?  But I am thinking that I can take an hour out of my week each week and make 5 blocks, right?  I certainly hope so 🙂   FYI: if anyone is interested in getting into this BOW we have 5 or 6 spots left as of this morning, so don’t wait long…..Jessica