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Pennies From Heaven BOM

I know all of you have been waiting to see what Lisa was doing with the Pennies From Heaven BOM, well, here is a sneak peak at what the blocks are looking like!  A little bit of a different feel from what the picture looks like on the cover but it is guaranteed to look awesome together.  You know Lisa picks out the greatest wools and fabric to put together to make a very unique project.  It is going to be starting to ship out mid-April.  Make sure you sign up and are able to get started right away on these gorgeous blocks.  Here is the cost break down for the Months.

Month 1: $30 you will receive your wools for the block and all the background fabrics

Months 2-9: $15

Month 10: $40 You will be receiving the Tan fabric and the center block wools

Month 11: $35 You will receive the black fabrics and the wools for the sunshine blocks

Month 12: $15 You will receive all setting triangle wools

Month 13: $15 Border wools


One thought on “Pennies From Heaven BOM

  1. Barbara, the quilt has yet to be finished. We are just finishing up with the blocks themselves and are moving on to some of the more pieced blocks. Make sure you get into this BOM if you enjoy it. Kits are going fast. Thank you!

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