Welcome to our Shop!

Welcome everyone to our NEW Shop Blog. We wanted to have a way for you to get to know us here at the shop, to see the NEW fabric lines that come in, the NEW patterns and the great NEW books that we receive, it is always like Christmas when we receive NEW items in and thought we would share that fun with you as well. We are going to try to post something at least twice a week so that you will know about everything NEW first and can pass information on to your sewing groups and friends.  Everyone who works in the shop is going to contribute something to the Blog, whether it be a posting, a new project that they are working on, a new book that they absolutely love, or just to share helpful hints that they would like to pass on to you.

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We have only 2 full-time people who work at the shop along with 10 part-timers who help make this store beautiful!  Each person helps to make this shop what it is, with a variety of talents and expertise to make all the wonderful samples and kits that we provide for you! Judy P is a full timer that I am sure most of you talk to if you have ever called us here at the shop, she makes sure that all of you get your BOM’s on time and your internet orders out.  Judy loves doing handwork, whether it be embroidery, cross stitch or  hand applique.

Judy's BOM Chestnut and Vine center block

Jessica (me) I am the shop manager. I do the ordering, find new patterns and books to come in the shop and makes the shop beautiful by organizing and merchandising the shop displays.  I do a little of everything here at the shop.

The cheddar quilt hanging is called Lydia quilted by Jessica

Carole, does BEAUTIFUL work on hand applique, and is the co-project designer with Lisa on several of our books.

From the Nine Patch Gatherings book: Scrappy Vintage Nine Patch done by Carole

Joanne is our expert embroiderer. If you have ever seen any of her stuff you always wonder how she makes it soooo PERFECT!!

Our BOM Snow Days block done by Joanne

Lori is creative in all that she does.  She designs the patterns you see on our site from Lily Anna Stitches.

Lori's design Garden Walk

Debbie is our fun, bubbly, wacky lady who can make anyone laugh!  She does wonderful piecing work and has started to dabble in machine quilting.

Quilted Pictures BOM which Debbie is in charge of

Char does BEAUTIFUL quilt piecing work and is a perfectionist in all that she does, taking the time to make sure that she has everything exactly how it needs to be.

LeMoyne House Quilt done by Char

Norma does piecing, wool applique and has a machine quilting business and does several of our samples here at the shop.  She takes EXCELENT care in choosing the precise thread and design to quilt each quilts!

Our Version of Prairie Bound pieced and quilted by Norma

Sharon is a wonderful teacher and is here to help any one who needs a lesson in piecing or a lesson on their Juki.

Sharon's class sample for Piece-ful Beginnings class

Nancy is the lady to go to if you have a bag making questions, she is our resident bag lady! She also does wonderful wool applique and piecing work.  Nancy is also the one you would need to talk to about The Gatherings Retreat House, she keeps it all organized!

Bow-tucks Bags made by Nancy

Brenda is the newest addition to our staff, if you can say that being here for over a year is new.  Brenda is our Saturday girl, if you have questions about your sewing machine she is the one to see.  She also has picked up working with wool and hand applique since she has been here.

Brenda made the flag quilt called Old Glory

And then there is Madalynn, we can’t say that she is our “high schooler” any more cause she is in her first year of college!  She is learning all about sewing and is doing great work, she just completed her first sample for the shop and it was GORGEOUS!!! I would love to show you this sample but she took it home with her already!  Hopefully I can get her to bring it back and show you all.

Then of course we have the wonderful ladies outside the shop that help us make everything run as smoothly as possible.  Sometimes there are hiccups but nothing that can’t be fixed.  We have 4 ladies at our warehouse, making our wool kits and your BOM’s.  Tina does the hand dying of wool which seems like a never ending job I am sure!

Sue, Jeanine, Peggy and Julie all make wonderful samples for everyone to enjoy.

Julie's design Taupe Table Mat
Sue's class she is teaching called Spicy Spiral
Jeanine's BOM Aunt Maggies
Peggy's Hang the Stocking's

Judi C who makes it possible for you to see all of our samples, patterns and books that we order by ensuring our website is beautiful.

We can not forget LISA and NICK who make this business possible with the help of all of YOU!  Without Lisa’s wonderful designs we would not be here to help you continue in your learning and to help you on your journey of sewing!!

Thank you for all of your support and we hope that you will continue to follow us on our Shop Blog as well as Lisa’s Blog.

9 thoughts on “Welcome to our Shop!

  1. I currently follow Lisa’s blog and absolutely love the idea of a Shop Blog. I really enjoyed reading about all the shop members and seeing projects that they completed. Will you be adding pictures of the shop members as well. It is always great to put a face to a name. I am looking forward to seeing all the new stuff that comes in and the new projects that are created as I do not live in the area. Thank you so much! Primitive Gatherings is my utmost favorite shop and I hope to come and see/shop in person some day.

    Again, thank you so much for the shop blog – what a wonderful idea.

  2. Jessica, I am going to love this blog! I met you and a couple your other ladies when I got to stop in at the shop last Sept. We were on our way to Sturgeon Bay so that my husband could fish. One of the ladies that I met helped me to find lots of the thread that I was buying and I believe that she was involved with the wool crazy quilt work–of course I don’t remember her name–can you help? Can’t remember a lot about the other lady (both of them were busy cutting fabric for the Madison show) except that she said that she always hated the job of unpacking the vehicle every night when they would travel. Love your shop, your merchandise, and your employees!

    1. Vi, you were probably helped by either Joanne or Carole they were both involved in the wool crazy project. Yeah, unpacking from a Show isn’t always that easiest or the simplest task to complete, but we try to get it done fast so that everything is back in order when you come into the shop. Would LOVE to see you again! Thank you so much!

  3. Great Job Jessica! I love coming to the shop and seeing everyone, they are so helpful! I also wait for the mail! The BOMs are like Christmas! Thanks to the ladies there, Lisa and Joanne, I’ve become a more rounded quilter! Piecing is great, but I’ve fallen in love with wools and embroidery! Living so far away, I can’t get up there as often as I would like, so this blog is a great way to keep up and stay motivated! Also, for those who had stayed at the retreat house, “The Gathering,” they haven’t really retreated. And I do mean “treat”ed. I’ve never packed so light, everything that I always dragged to other locations was provided. The accomondations were fabulous- homey, classy, and so comfortable. The food was good and the experience fabulous.
    Diane Duncan

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